The 5th Annual Chicago Women's Funny Festival  |  June 16 - 19, 2016
The Chicago Women's Funny Festival gathers writers, performers, and comedy lovers together to create and celebrate in the comedy capital of the world.

Chicago Women's Funny Festival was founded in 2012 when producers Jill Valentine and Liz McArthur wanted to build a comedy festival where women could come together and celebrate all forms of comedy under one roof.

The first festival boasted 66 shows and 400 performers in five days. Women's Fest also hosted events throughout the week where women from across the country could come together, network and more importantly, see each other's work. The response from comedians and audience members was overwhelmingly positive – which is why the festival is coming back for a fifth year.

The 2016 festival is bigger – putting all four of Stage 773’s theaters to use each night of the festival.

All Chicago Womens Funny Festival Photos courtsy of Michael Courier Photography and Paul Clark