Presented June 21 – June 24, 2017

Historical! Rhetorical! Phantasmagorical! Ever wonder what would happen if Genghis Khan joined a synchronized swimming team with Julius Caesar and Toussaint L ’Overture? Ever had a daydream about the first date between Confucius and Taylor Swift? Ever fantasize about the greatest dinner party Hell has ever seen, with Emperor Nero, Blackbeard, and Donald Trump leading the feast? Come on down to Stage 773’s Annual One Act Festival and see what all the historical hoopla is about! Five theater companies from the Chicago scene have joined together to create five 10-minute One Act plays featuring your favorite heroes, villains, pop stars, and nobodies from history- all in situations from your wildest imaginations. So, wanna see a Promethean Prost? A Breakfast Club with a hodge podge of your favorite WWII Generals? Who knows, our Lord and Savior Beyoncé Knowles herself may be making an appearance... anything can happen in Wed, Bed, Behead: Famous, Alive, and Disorderly!