Presented September 12 – October 3, 2014

Famous Russian dramatist, Dr. Anton Chekhov also had a funny bone. In this inaugural One Act Festival, four companies present adaptations of Chekhov’s most notable short comedies.

  • Organic Theater Company presents “The Bear” in a new translation, with a stylish battle of the sexes placing would-be lovers in an absurd dual.
  • New Millennium Theatre Company presents “The Proposal” modernized into a local comic book shop, hulking out Chekhov’s tale of betrothal.
  • Red Theater Company presents “The Wedding” reimagined into a present day Chicago, where a disastrous wedding party points a finger at corruption.
  • Stage 773 presents “The Defenseless Creature” in American playwright Neil Simon’s adaptation, a stuffy banker and a passionate pauper quarrel to farcical extremes.