The 3rd Annual Chicago Women's Funny Festival  |  June 5th - 8th 2014
The Chicago Women's Funny Festival gathers writers, performers, and comedy lovers together to create and celebrate in the comedy capital of the world.

From the Executive Producer Jill Valentine:

This year I am extremely proud to share the stage with so many brilliant, brave and hilarious women.
I reflect on what kind of people have empowered, supported and raised such women. I think about how I was raised.

This year has been a toughie for me because I lost my dad. I remember growing up he told me I could do anything. I believed him. He told me whatever you do make your own fun. I listened. He encouraged me to take the road less traveled and I did. You’ve taken that road less traveled. So this week let’s celebrate those who have supported our weird little comedy journey. Those people who are consistently in the audience supporting. Those that taught us that we could do anything.
This one’s for you dad.

Year 3 Bitches!!!

All Chicago Women's Funny Festival Photos courtsy of Michael Courier Photography and Paul Clark