The 4th Annual Chicago Women's Funny Festival  |  June 18 - 21, 2015
The Chicago Women's Funny Festival gathers writers, performers, and comedy lovers together to create and celebrate in the comedy capital of the world.

From the Executive Producer Jill Valentine:

I am giddy with excitement about this year’s festival. The Chicago Women’s Funny Festival showcases some of the best comedic talent from across the country. Every year we keep getting MORE applications, MORE talent, MORE press and MORE and MORE FUNNY. Want to know what gives me a lady boner? We are training MORE and MORE of us every year. MORE women comedians are taking stages all over the world. MORE women are teaching comedy classes and becoming mentors to young comedians. MORE of us are doing it and doing it better. While we get a week long comedy slumber party, take the time to reflect and to enjoy that. Support each other, mentor the younglings, learn from your peers, thank those that did it before you and do it better. Not looking so male dominated any more, eh?

Year 4 Bitches!!!

All Chicago Women's Funny Festival Photos courtsy of Michael Courier Photography and Paul Clark